Women & Wine in Tuscany

For centuries men have dominated the Tuscan wine industry. However, as more daughters take over the wineries from their fathers it is creating a natural diversity at the regional

Savoring La Dolce Vita in Tuscany

Villa Maramai, where we are encamped for a month during our 45-day trip to Tuscany and Normandy, is located in the Maramai vineyard of The Gracciano della Seta Estate in the

Family Trip: Honoring the Life of Another at Glacier National Park

It was a poignant trip.  Our son-in-law had been tragically killed in a private plane crash the year between our family trip to New York and our journey to Glacier National

Family Trip: Thanksgiving in New York City

The time had come for our first family trip and we wanted to share the magic of New York City during Thanksgiving.  The long Thanksgiving weekend is a special time in the

Family Trip: The Hunt for a Mattress in Acadia

It felt as though we were moving a small army of 17 people a long distance.  After more than two thousand miles of travel and a momentous stop in Portland for enough

Bucket List: Visit the Top 10 Wine Regions

Bucket List: Visit the Top 10 Wine Regions  In the 2007 movie “The Bucket List”, the characters Edward Cole (played by Jack Nicolson) and Carter Chamber (played by

Celebrating New Years Eve on the Nile

We boarded Air Cairo the morning of New Years Eve for the short flight to Luxor where we were met by our guide for a tour of Karnak Temple prior to loading our luggage onto the

Riding Camels at the Base of the Giza Pyramids

The last of the ancient Seven Wonders of the world, the Great Pyramid of Giza was built over a twenty-year period between 2589-2566BC and it was the tallest structure made by

Treading in the Footsteps of Giants

I have had a lifelong fascination with the Giant’s Causeway and my husband wanted to either play or walk the Royal Portrush golf course.  Combining both interests, we

NA Travel Scholarship: Snorkling Among Tropical Fish

Having spent most of his childhood in Southern California with periodic visits to Hawaii, Grand #3 had grown up in water both snorkeling and, as he aged, scuba diving. 

NA Travel Scholarship: Celebrating the Memory of a Beloved Father

We were on day 3 of our NA Travel Scholarship Trip with Grand #3 and the port of call was Maui.  In his scholarship application, Grand #3 had asked to visit 4 Hawaiian

Pyramids: Practicing Until Perfect

  The morning was sunny and mild as we left our Giza hotel, the Mena House Hotel located at the foot of the Giza pyramid complex, to make our pilgrimage to Dahshur before