NA Travel Scholarship: Saying “Yes” to a Grandchild’s Dream Trip

One of the intentions of creating the North American Travel Scholarship was to experience unforgettable moments with our Grands.  But rather than take them on a trip we

NA Travel Scholarship: Hunting and So Much More

For his North American Travel Scholarship trip, Grand #4 wanted to go python and shark hunting as well as deep sea fishing.  After watching shows about catching pythons, we

NA Travel Scholarship: A Lesson in Gratitude

During Thanksgiving our family gathered and we chose it as an opportune moment to present Grand #4 with his North American Travel Scholarship trip folder.  The trip folder was

NA Travel Scholarship: Python Hunting, Shark Catching, and Deep Sea Fishing

For his entire life, Grand #4 has had a fascination, dare I say love, of snakes.  As a grandmother I have struggled to understand this interest as I find them terrifying but

Creating Unforgettable Moments with Grands: The North American Travel Scholarship

Before our first Grand turned 12 my husband and I decided to borrow an idea from a family friend who had taken each of their grandchildren on a trip.  We loved the idea of

NA Travel Scholarship: Snorkling Among Tropical Fish

Having spent most of his childhood in Southern California with periodic visits to Hawaii, Grand #3 had grown up in water both snorkeling and, as he aged, scuba diving. 

NA Travel Scholarship: Lessons in Generosity

We were on Grand #3’s NA Travel Scholarship Trip visiting 4 Hawaiian islands in 7-days aboard the Pride of America.  One of the benefits of spending a week with each Grand

NA Travel Scholarship: Celebrating the Memory of a Beloved Father

We were on day 3 of our NA Travel Scholarship Trip with Grand #3 and the port of call was Maui.  In his scholarship application, Grand #3 had asked to visit 4 Hawaiian

NA Travel Scholarship: 4 Hawaiian Islands in 7-days

Norwegian Cruise Line – Pride of America Ship North American Scholarship Trip: 4 Hawaiian Islands in

NA Travel Scholarship: Mother Nature’s Wonders: Waimea Canyon

While on Grand #3’s North American Scholarship Trip to visit four Hawaiian Islands in 7 days we found ourselves on the beautiful island of Kauai with an excursion to the Waimea

NA Travel Scholarship: 4 Hawaiian Islands in 7 Days

The time had come for Grand #3 to complete his application for our North American Travel Scholarship.  This had prompted discussions with numerous family members about the

NA Travel Scholarship: Warm Cookies & Late Night Talk

We’ve returned to The Great George in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (PEI) for Grand #3’s North American Scholarship Trip.  I love this small, quaint hotel.