Bucket List: Visit the Top 10 Wine Regions 

In the 2007 movie “The Bucket List”, the characters Edward Cole (played by Jack Nicolson) and Carter Chamber (played by Morgan Freeman) are facing the end of their lives and decide to travel together to fulfil their “bucket list.”  

Attending Carter’s funeral, Edward says, “I’m deeply proud that this man found it worth his while to know me. In the end, I think it’s safe to say that we brought some joy to one another’s lives.”   

It’s easy to say a place is on your bucket list but it takes on a richer dimension when we say we want to know another person and bring joy to their life as a result of experiencing a place together.  Checking off a list of places to see is the “what” but is that the “why” of traveling?  For me, travel is about not only experiencing but sharing unforgettable moments that bring joy into another person’s life.  

Sure, I want to travel to the top 10 wine regions of the world – with three left to go.  But I don’t want to make those trips purely for myself.  I want to share the beauty of these experiences with friends and family.  It is with this heart longing that Village & Vine Travel was established.

In the years to come I hope that current and new friends and family will use travel to carve out the time to spend time together and bring joy into one another’s lives.   

Mary Beth I have a passion for creating and experiencing unforgettable moments and sharing those with others. I hope that this story has helped you experience one of those moments.

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