Planning a Trip with a Disabled Family Member

During a recent conversation with a beloved aunt I was struck by the joy that I saw in her eyes and the passion I heard in her voice as she talked about an upcoming trip. 

We Have the Etruscans to Thank for Modern-day Society and Wine

After several days of marinating in the sweet life we found ourselves ready to delve into the ancient history of Tuscany and its namesake: the Etruscans. On a quest, we set off

Savoring La Dolce Vita in Tuscany

Villa Maramai, where we are encamped for a month during our 45-day trip to Tuscany and Normandy, is located in the Maramai vineyard of The Gracciano della Seta Estate in the

8-Day Itinerary: Acadia National Park

7-Day Itinerary: Whitefish & Glacier National Park

6-Day Itinerary: New York City at Thanksgiving

Family Trip: Lake Keowee Instead of Tuscany and Normandy

The kids and Grands should have been departing for Florence, Italy to meet up with us on the Ripanera wine estate in the villa.  But instead we were on Southwest heading to

Family Trip: No Schedule and Time Together at Lake Keowee

Unlike prior trips, we were not heading to New York at Thanksgiving, Glacier National Park, Acadia, or the Grand Canyon.  Rather, we were heading to the foothills of the

Family Trip: In the Quiet Hours of Togetherness

Instead of riding in the van, the family with the youngest children took the Grand Canyon Railway return trip and had a delightful time together as they made the journey back

Family Trip: Honoring the Life of Another at Glacier National Park

It was a poignant trip.  Our son-in-law had been tragically killed in a private plane crash the year between our family trip to New York and our journey to Glacier National

Family Trip: Thanksgiving in New York City

The time had come for our first family trip and we wanted to share the magic of New York City during Thanksgiving.  The long Thanksgiving weekend is a special time in the

Family Trip: The Hunt for a Mattress in Acadia

It felt as though we were moving a small army of 17 people a long distance.  After more than two thousand miles of travel and a momentous stop in Portland for enough