Nazareth & the Sea of Galilee

After leaving the village of Nazareth, we headed to the Sea of Galilee is the second lowest elevation lake in the world (after the Dead Sea) and

First Night in Israel: It is Well With my Soul

We said goodbye to our friends in Amman, with whom we had traveled across Egypt and Jordan, to board our flight to Tel Aviv.  Upon arrival, our driver picked us up for the

Jordanian Mosaics

We departed Bethany and headed to Madaba to see its famous floor mosaic, the Madaba Map.  We entered the early Bysantine church of Saint George where, in a renovation in

A Day in Petra

After watching Petra: Lost City of Stone and reading Married to a Bedouin by Marguerite van Geldermalsen, Petra (“Rock”) was on my bucket list of places to see!  Our

NA Travel Scholarship: Charlottetown, PEI & Anne of Green Gables

After flying into Moncton, Canada, we took advantage of being able to cross the Northumberland Strait using the 8 mile Confederation Bridge, the longest in the world, to reach

NA Travel Scholarship: Why Quebec? I really wanted to go to Paris!

After the success of Grand #1’s trip to Alaska we were looking forward to learning of Grand #2’s trip choice for her North American Travel Scholarship.  During one of

NA Travel Scholarship: Journey to the Arctic Circle

And so we set off for the Arctic Circle where Grand #1 had plans to stand in his boxer shorts for a photo op and lifetime bragging rights as a part of his North American Travel

Zurich: Churchill’s Speech in Munsterhof Square 19th September 1946

As seen in the 17-Day Itinerary 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration in Switzerland and Italy, 25-Day Itinerary Italian Wine Tour Through Lombardy, Piedmont. Emilia-Romagna, and

17-Day Itinerary Burgundy-Provence

Purpose: Cuisine & Culture  Description: Luxury, private canal barge trip through Burgundy; Private guide/driver through ProvenceGroup Profile:

Machu Picchu from KM104: It’s a Pilgrimage, Not a Hike

The following was taken from my post on TripAdvisor (September 2, 2017) There are a couple of challenges with the trek: Altitude, bathrooms, and heights. Unless you've

A Day in Cusco

After lunch we made our way through the winding streets of the district of San Blas with its whitewashed houses, blue balconies hung with geranium-filled flowerpots, uneven

The Beauty of Peruvian Weaving

The Andean textile tradition dates back to 3000BC.  The weaving and embroidery traditions have long been a fundamental part of Peruvian culture for costumes and tapestries