A Night in Old Town Rhodes

Serving, along with Cyprus and Crete, as a barrier between Europe and the Middle East, Rhodes played a central role in the Byzantine silk and spice trading activity of the

Guest Story: Celebrating 50 Years on Lake Como

I recently had an opportunity to ask my mother what one of her unforgettable travel memories was and she replied, “It was time together on Lake Como.”   To

Perched in the Alps: Wengen

As we arrived into the dining room, Mr. Heyers, the owner of the Hotel Daniela invited us to dine in his private dining room, explaining that a large tour group would be in

A Late Fall Italian Honeymoon

Approximately four weeks after our wedding we were scheduled to fly to Milan to start our 18-day honeymoon to Liguria, Tuscany and Lake Como.  We could hardly wait for our

Star Spangled Banner

After breakfast, Anya met me in the lobby of the Astoria Hotel in St. Petersburg for the drive out to Tsarskoe Sello (Pushkin) to see Catherine the Great’s Summer Palace and

Welcome to St. Petersburg

As I planned a work trip to Norway I suddenly became inspired.  Why not tack on a few days in St. Petersburg to pursue my interest in Catherine the Great?  With great

Easter in the Florence Duomo

Occasionally when you travel you just get lucky!  Such was the case on Easter morning, while visiting Florence in celebration of my 40th birthday, when we decided to attend