A Rainy Night in Zurich

Zurich was our final stop on the 17-day 50th Anniversary Celebration trip.  Prior to catching our flights home we were enjoying a few nights in our favorite hotel, the

Guest Story: Celebrating 50 Years on Lake Como

I recently had an opportunity to ask my mother what one of her unforgettable travel memories was and she replied, “It was time together on Lake Como.”   To

17-Day Itinerary 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration in Switzerland & Italy

Stops Along the Way: Lucerne, Lake Como, Zermatt, Wengen, ZurichDescription: Value-based trip (staying in 3-4 star hotels) with on- our- own touringGroup Profile:

Perched in the Alps: Wengen

As we arrived into the dining room, Mr. Heyers, the owner of the Hotel Daniela invited us to dine in his private dining room, explaining that a large tour group would be in

16-day Itinerary High School Graduation Trip – Rome to Milan

Purpose: High School Graduation Celebration Description: Medium cost survey trip (staying in 3 star hotels) with private guided tours Group Profile: Six women (three

Driving Rule #1: No U-turns on the Autostrada

During our 16-day Rome to Milan Multi-city Trip to Celebrate the High School Graduation of my second cousin we awoke to the sounds of the peacocks squawking in the Castel de

Three Generations Celebrate a High School Graduation

Four years had passed since my 40th Birthday Trip to Italy and in that time my second cousin was preparing to graduate from high school.  To celebrate this milestone I gave