After our experience of the herded goats through Zermatt and a dinner of potato raclette with cornichons, we caught the train the next morning for the alpine village of Wengen.  At Lauterbrunnen we transferred our belongings to a steep grade rack rail train to make the climb to Wengen.  After hearing the soft thumps of the track’s tooths securing our train as it climbed its way higher into the Alps we arrived at the train station at Wengen, a picturesque village perched deep in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

From the train station our hotel was easily visible.  While not a long walk it was a steep walk but the Hotel Regina’s soft pale yellow exterior was the perfect backdrop for its flower boxes overflowing with bright orange geraniums and we were encouraged by this welcoming site.   Upon our arrival into its lobby we were warmly greeted by reception while our luggage was efficiently dispatched to our rooms overlooking the Alps.  We excitedly toured one another’s rooms where the views were uniquely spectacular before preparing for dinner.

As we arrived into the dining room, Mr. Heyers, the owner of the Hotel Daniela invited us to dine in his private dining room, explaining that a large tour group would be in the dining room and that he thought we would be more comfortable in a quieter and more intimate space.  Happily, we agreed and after escorting us to a table looking over the mountains and valleys of the Alps he poured an aperitif and proceeded to explain the menu for the evening, making suggestions for our dinner along with the perfect Swiss wine pairings.  That evening, as we looked out over the Alps, we dined on exquisite, locally produced veal and garden fresh vegetables.  

At the dawn of a new day, we prepared for our excursion to the Eiger glacier and Mount Jungfrau in the Bernese range of the Alps.  The Jungfraujoch railway (with the highest train station in Europe) travels through Wengen on its way to the Eiger, Mount Jungfrau, and the Aletsch Glaciers (with Aletsch being the longest glacier in the Alps).  We arrived into this frozen terrain, carefully making our way through the ice palace inside of the Eiger Glacier before enjoying the Bernese mountain dogs that were lounging until time to assist with the rescue of a hiker or climber.  We also caught our first glimpse of lederhosen!  

Satisfied that we had conquered the Alps we made our way back down the steep train tracks to Wengen for another lovely dinner in the private dining room before preparing to depart for Zurich, our final stop on the 17-day 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration.  

Mary Beth I have a passion for creating and experiencing unforgettable moments and sharing those with others. I hope that this story has helped you experience one of those moments.

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