Family Trip: The Five Do’s and Don’ts of Multi-Generational Trips

After 15-years of planning over 7 family trips I’ve done some things right and had some key learnings on how to improve multi-generational trips.  The following are my top

Family Trip: What, no presents?! The Gift of Family Trips

Three Christmases after we married I found myself wrapping presents for step children and their families late into the night, questioning if the gifts would be what they would

Family Trip: What to do with a long layover at Dulles Airport

Flight schedules were not kind to us as we faced an almost four hour layover in Dulles with boys under the age of 12.  How would we manage all that energy in that extended

Zurich: Churchill’s Speech in Munsterhof Square 19th September 1946

As seen in the 17-Day Itinerary 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration in Switzerland and Italy, 25-Day Itinerary Italian Wine Tour Through Lombardy, Piedmont. Emilia-Romagna, and

17-Day Itinerary Burgundy-Provence

Purpose: Cuisine & Culture  Description: Luxury, private canal barge trip through Burgundy; Private guide/driver through ProvenceGroup Profile:

9-Day Itinerary: Lake Keowee, SC

Champagne: The Widow Clicquot

A woman who understood how to navigate and seize opportunities during the time of the French Revolution, Barbe-Nicole Clicquot Ponsardin set about transforming a small family

Exploring the WWI Trenches of Le Main de Massiges in Champagne

As we made our way down into the trenches and began to explore the artifacts including crates, shoes, bottles, tin plates, metal stove, etc. that have been discovered, still

Barging Through Champagne

After scouring The Barge Lady’s website and comparing cruise options for Champagne we selected a week-long cruise on the Marne canal aboard the Saroche.  After finalizing

21-Day Itinerary Paris, Normandy, Champagne, Loire & Paris

Purpose: Cuisine & Culture  Description: Luxury - 4-star hotels and canal barge trip through Champagne, private toursGroup Profile: Multi-generationalActivity

Returning to Blenheim Palace

My first trip to Blenheim Palace occurred in 1980 after my graduation from college.  At the time, my father had an office in London with a flat.  My mother and I made

Herding Goats Through Zermatt

We were on the second half of our trip celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of my parents.  After unloading our luggage from the train onto the platform we were