NA Travel Scholarship: Charlottetown, PEI & Anne of Green Gables

After flying into Moncton, Canada, we took advantage of being able to cross the Northumberland Strait using the 8 mile Confederation Bridge, the longest in the world, to reach

NA Travel Scholarship: Pastry Class with Chef Stanton

As a part of her North American Travel Scholarship Application, Grand #2 listed a French pastry making class as one of the things she would like to do on her 7-day Eastern Canada

NA Scholarship: 7-day Eastern Canada Itinerary

Grand #2 Explore North America Scholarship Trip July - August

NA Travel Scholarship: Street Artist in Quebec

We had just completed a luxurious lunch at Bistro Le Sam at the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac in Upper Town of Old Quebec overlooking the Saint Lawrence River.  The Chateau

NA Travel Scholarship: Why Quebec? I really wanted to go to Paris!

After the success of Grand #1’s trip to Alaska we were looking forward to learning of Grand #2’s trip choice for her North American Travel Scholarship.  During one of

NA Travel Scholarship: Mush!?

It was likely the highlight of the trip!  Or course, we’re all dog lovers but our time with the dogs and the team at Black Spruce Dog Sledding was unforgettable from start

NA Travel Scholarship: New Year’s Eve Ice Fishing

It was New Year’s Eve in Fairbanks, Alaska and what could be more perfect than sitting in a warm hut over a frozen lake ice fishing as the stroke of midnight as a part of our

NA Travel Scholarship: The Elusive Northern Lights

I suppose you can chalk it up to being spoiled travelers or possibly just naive but we assumed that we would see the Aurora Borealis during either the Arctic Circle outing or ice

NA Travel Scholarship: Alaskan Wintertime Adventure

We could hardly wait to hear about the wonderful place that we would visit on our first Grand’s North American Travel Scholarship.  Would it be California? Would it be Costa

NA Travel Scholarship: Journey to the Arctic Circle

And so we set off for the Arctic Circle where Grand #1 had plans to stand in his boxer shorts for a photo op and lifetime bragging rights as a part of his North American Travel

NA Scholarship Trip-7-Day Alaska Itinerary

Explore North America Scholarship Trip: Alaska Related V&V Stories - Alaskan Wintertime

Returning to Blenheim Palace

My first trip to Blenheim Palace occurred in 1980 after my graduation from college.  At the time, my father had an office in London with a flat.  My mother and I made