While on Grand #3’s North American Scholarship Trip to visit four Hawaiian Islands in 7 days we found ourselves on the beautiful island of Kauai with an excursion to the Waimea Canyon, proclaimed to be the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” 

We departed our ship and joined a group of approximately 16 people who would be touring the canyon.  Waimea Canyon is not as big as the Grand Canyon but it is a geological wonder in Hawaii, stretching 14 miles long, 1 mile wide, and more than 3,600 feet deep.  The canyon was created over 10 million years previously when a volcano collapsed allowing the Waimea river to carve its way through the lava and basalt formations.  

After winding through narrow lane roads with glimpses of the canyon we reached the Waimea Canyon Lookout parking area.  Still not sure about what we were going to see we climbed up to the lookout area and were stunned.  As far as the eye could see was a panoramic view of verdant green and coppery red craggy mountains and deep valley walls.  
Grand #3 excitedly took pictures as we soaked in the beauty of this majestic panorama.  It was an unforgettable moment for all three of us.

Mary Beth I have a passion for creating and experiencing unforgettable moments and sharing those with others. I hope that this story has helped you experience one of those moments.

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