Planning a Trip to Peru

In our family, I’m the trip planner.  Over the years I’ve planned enough trips to know when I’m out of my league.  Peru was one such trip.  Based on my

Explore North America Travel Scholarship Application

Check out the NA Scholarship Trips that we've made with our Grands: Grand #4: Python Hunting, Shark Catching, and Deep Sea Fishing; Grand #3: 4 Hawaiian Islands in 7 Days;

Inspirational Resources for Argentina

Movies Filmed in Argentina Evita (Buenos Aires) The Secret in Their Eyes (Buenos Aires) Focus (Buenos Aires) The Colony (Buenos Aires) Music from Argentina Jazz Tango

#5 Wine Region: Mendoza Planning Quick Facts

Located at the base of the Andes Mountains (one of the world’s longest mountain ranges with peaks as high as 22,838 feet), the region of Mendoza is home to approximately

Planning a Golf Trip to Scotland

Golf originated in Scotland some time before 1574 in a field stretching along the coastline of the St. Andrews Bay in the North Sea.  The area was developed into the 18-hole

Planning a Wine Trip to Northern and Central Italy

After several trips to Italy to celebrate a high school graduation, 40th birthday, honeymoon, and 50th wedding anniversary we decided it was time to visit Italy to slowly sip our

Planning a Trip to the Greek Isles

Whenever I visit a place for the first time I try to see as much as I can in order to determine where I would want to spend more time.  The challenge of visiting the Greek