It was a moment of playful fun.  The June day was extremely hot making the glacial waters of Lake Como welcome.  The men in our family had decided to spend the day around and in the lake while the ladies boated over to Bellagio for shopping and lunch.  

Prior to the trip my husband had acquired the state of the art hearing aids to ensure that he didn’t miss anything that was said on the trip.  He was so thrilled with his purchase, bragging about the new features and their ability to even translate languages.  For the rest of us, we were hopeful that this would allow us to not have to repeat what was said or find ourselves in uncomfortable moments while my husband worked diligently to figure out what had been said (loss of hearing is extremely difficult).

But with new hearing aids firmly in place we had been enjoying the trip.  Everything was working perfectly.  Unfortunately, the devices fit so comfortably that my husband forgot that he was even wearing them and when challenged by my nephew to jump in the lake he promptly did just that, jumped in the lake!

However, the minute he hit the icy cold water a sickening realization hit!  He had his hearing aids on and was likely to lose them.  He quickly bobbed to the surface and immediately checked behind his ears to see if he had both in place only to realize in horror that he had lost one in the process of his jump into Lake Como.  Somewhere on the bottom of this 1300’ deep lake was his hearing aid!

Being the good sport that he is, he accepted his fate and was quickly back to enjoying the lake while the rest of us shrank in dismay over what this would mean for the remainder of the trip and at the same time profoundly grateful that one hearing aid had remained attached upon splashdown.  

Mary Beth I have a passion for creating and experiencing unforgettable moments and sharing those with others. I hope that this story has helped you experience one of those moments.

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