If you’re like me, the last several days of a trip have momentary reminders of looming re-entry into a busy life at home.  While I try to keep those thoughts at bay they persist up to the moment that we’ve made it through check in and are safely tucked away in our seats for the return flight home.  What awaits upon landing is the rush of resuming everyday life.  And it only takes a day or two to begin to feel the wonder of your latest adventure beginning to slip through your fingers.  

Several years ago I added an additional phase to my travel routine and I call it the “post trip memorial.”  This is the time that I set aside to capture the adventure and all of its unforgettable moments.  My trip memorials are in the form of a photo book from Shutterfly.  My photo books include a summary itinerary inside the front cover and then follows the trip chronologically, capturing the highlights from each day.  The books can take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours to develop but throughout the process it is wonderful to return to an adventure and remember our experiences.  

The following are three steps to creating a photo book of your unforgettable moments: 

  1. Compile, select & edit your photos 
    • Establish an album in Shutterfly with your Trip Name
    • Utilizing the Shutterfly app during your trip and periodically upload your photos or if you want to wait until you get home to upload your photos that’s great 
    • Create a second album entitled “Trip Name Photo Book” 
    • Carefully review and select your photos for those that best capture your experience
    • Copy the selected photos from your original album into the “Trip Name Photo Book” (you’ll thank me later for this recommendation) 
    • Complete any editing on the photos
  2. Select your photo book design and layout 
    • On the Shutterfly site, select your book layout
  3. Add the photos, review & order
    • Add the photos from your “Trip Name Photo Book” album to the project 
    • Select for Shutterfly to auto add the photos to the pages or you can manually select and place the photos on the page
    • Add any desired text or labels to your photos 
    • Preview your photo book 
    • Order

In no time, a bright orange box appears at our doorstep and as we look through all the captured moments we relive the trip once again – remembering the many unforgettable moments.  

Photo books also make great gifts!  Approximately 2-3 weeks after each of our Grands complete their North American Travel Scholarship Trip they are presented with a photo book of their trip.  We typically do this during a family gathering which allows the Grand to share their trip with their parents and friends and talk about their unforgettable moments!  We’ve also given photo books to family members and friends with whom we’ve shared a trip.

Taking the time to memorialize our unforgettable moments has become a wonderful finale to our adventures.  If you like this idea but aren’t sure you want to create the book consider using Shutterfly’s service that makes the book for you. 

Mary Beth I have a passion for creating and experiencing unforgettable moments and sharing those with others. I hope that this story has helped you experience one of those moments.

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