• Mary Beth Chalk

Day One: A Virtual Trip to Tuscany & Normandy During COVID-19

Updated: May 18

The food in business class is heating - the cabin already has that dry chill to the air. I’ve reclined my chair, lifted my legs, and I am settling into my first movie before they bring around the first course. The warm nuts were slightly stale but still tempting. All’s well at 35,000’ . . . in my mind!

We should have been somewhere over the Atlantic tonight - heading to Tuscany and Normandy for a six-week sleepover. I had planned the trip to to celebrate the 60-years of my life. Today would have been day one of the trip.

So, rather than miss out, I decided to take the trip in my mind. I hope that you enjoy my virtual posts!

PS All of the photos in my virtual posts were made on prior trips to Italy. I'll update the photos when we make the trip in 2022!

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