Searching for the Mona Lisa and Wine at the Guicciardini Strozzi Vineyard

For over 1,000 years (since 994AD), the Strozzi and Guicciardini families have been influencing history while making their delicious Vernaccia (dry white wine) and 21 other

Grocery Shopping: Italian Style

Since we had family members arriving tomorrow during our 45-day trip to Tuscany and Normandy it was time to begin gathering provisions for the group’s stay. And to help us, I

Planning a Trip to the Greek Isles

Whenever I visit a place for the first time I try to see as much as I can in order to determine where I would want to spend more time.  The challenge of visiting the Greek

Exiled to the Leper Colony: Spinalunga

During our 13-Day trip to Athens, Rhodes, Crete, and Istanbul we stayed at Villa Mavrikiano in Elounda on the island of Crete.  The advantage of our location was its

Purchasing Oushak Rugs Near the Grand Bazaar

In the late 15th century, Oushak, a village south of Istanbul began producing rugs utilizing local  wool and natural dyes. The designs of Oushak rugs are considered to be

13-Day Itinerary Athens, Rhodes, Crete, Istanbul

Purpose: Cuisine & Culture Stops Along the Way: Athens, Old Town Rhodes, Lindos, Elounda, Santorini, Plaka, Agios Nikolaus, IstanbulDescription: Moderate price

The Mosques of Istanbul

Our first night in Istanbul, we sat on the rooftop bar overlooking the Blue Mosque, its five domes and six minarets bathed in blue light.  The soft breeze off of the

Yachting on the Bosphorus

People have lived in Istanbul (i.e., Constantinople) and its surrounding area since 6,700 BC.  During this time, it has been controlled by the Greeks, Romans, and Ottoman

A Night in Old Town Rhodes

Serving, along with Cyprus and Crete, as a barrier between Europe and the Middle East, Rhodes played a central role in the Byzantine silk and spice trading activity of the

A Rainy Night in Zurich

Zurich was our final stop on the 17-day 50th Anniversary Celebration trip.  Prior to catching our flights home we were enjoying a few nights in our favorite hotel, the

Guest Story: Celebrating 50 Years on Lake Como

I recently had an opportunity to ask my mother what one of her unforgettable travel memories was and she replied, “It was time together on Lake Como.”   To

17-Day Itinerary 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration in Switzerland & Italy

Stops Along the Way: Lucerne, Lake Como, Zermatt, Wengen, ZurichDescription: Value-based trip (staying in 3-4 star hotels) with on- our- own touringGroup Profile: